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Acoustic Improvement for a Busy Suburban Church

Case Study:  Sound Partitioning and Acoustic Improvement for a Busy Suburban Church


St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, Bay City, Texas


Savanna Franklin from St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in Bay City, Texas called All Noise Control for help in solving a problem they were having with poor room acoustics within their large parish hall at the church. They needed to quiet the noise on both sides of their large common room so various groups that met there could effectively conduct their business. Echoes within the room were drowning out everyday conversation and it difficult for people to communicate.


After evaluating their needs, including gathering the size, shape of their ceilings that were all angled, one of the seasoned noise control engineers on staff at All Noise Control provided a solution that was affordable and easy to implement:  Acoustic Wall Panels should be installed to isolate sounds within their work spaces.

All Noise Control recommended a product we have used many times, angle-cut ANC-3000-1″ Wall Panels.


After receiving wall panels and installing them using the easy to follow step-by-step instructions provided by our team of experts, the leadership at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church was very satisfied with the result. They stated that “the panels have helped immensely with our noise and echo problem. They are beautiful as well as functional”.

With decades of experience, the team at All Noise Control can quite often offer an easy to implement solution to virtually any noise control problem.  For a complementary consultation, please contact our Customer Service Department at 561-964-9360.

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