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Savanna Franklin from St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in Bay City, Texas called All Noise Control Noise Control for help in solving their poor room acoustics within their parish hall at their church. They need to quiet the noise on both sides of their large room. Echoes within a room was making it difficult for people to discern speech.

After gathering the size, shape of their ceilings that were all angled. All Noise Control were able to provided St. Mark’s Episcopal Church with a solution of angle cut ANC-3000 1″acoustical wall panels.

The ANC-3000 Standard Wall Panel provides the ultimate in acoustical performance with excellent NRC ratings as high as 1.15. They are available in four standard
thicknesses: 1/2”, 1”, 1-1/2” and 2” with custom thickness available up to 4”. Panels are constructed with a 6-7# PCF rigid fiberglass absorber core. The edges are available in natural or chemically hardened and are available in 4 edge profiles. Panels are available in standard or custom-sizes (up to a maximum of 5’ X10’) with custom, designer or C.O.M fabric available

After receiving wall panel s and installing them. St. Mark’s Episcopal Church was very satisfied with Noise Control wall panels and stated “the panels have helped immensely with our noise and echo problem. They are beautiful as well as functional”

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