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All Noise Control Performs Acoustic Wall Paneling Installation at Methodist Church

ANC-3000 Acoustical Wall & Ceiling Panels Provide an Affordable Solution for Combating Reverberations

All Noise Control, a leading manufacturer of acoustical and noise control products serving the industrial, architectural, commercial and construction industries, announced today that Smith United Methodist Church in North Carolina chose its ANC-3000 Acoustical Wall & Ceiling Panels to help combat poor acoustics in the institution’s multi-purpose activity room.

Proper sound quality was essential for the activity room, which was designed to host community events like dinners and banquets. The approximately 20’ x 40’ room with a 16’ high-pitched ceiling suffered from reverberation times of almost 3.5 seconds that made it extremely difficult to communicate effectively within the space. It was also especially hard for the elderly in the church to hear and communicate with other parishioners. With a goal of achieving a 1.5-second reverberation time, All Noise Control’s innovative ANC-3000 Acoustical Wall & Ceiling Panels were identified as the ideal solution for improving the room’s acoustic quality as affordably as possible.

The project team focused on retrofitting the room without sacrificing aesthetic appeal. Encompassing 450 sq. ft. of acoustic paneling, All Noise Control worked closely with the project owner and local contractors to ensure the panels performed as intended. The ANC-3000 Wall Panel reduced reverberation time within the space to 1.5 seconds thanks to its high manufacturing standards and purpose-built design as a multi-function absorber panel that resolves reverberant noise problems.

ANC-3000 panels are available in standard or custom-sizes (up to a maximum of 5′ x 10′) with custom, designer or C.O.M fabric available, and installation is straight-forward, utilizing mechanical fasteners or impaling clips and adhesive. Typical applications for the ANC-3000 panel include schools, universities, offices, airports, churches, restaurants and any area where excess reverberation is a problem. For more information on All Noise Control’s architectural applications, click here.

“Finding a way to allow Smith United Methodist Church to maximize the use of their multi-purpose room without having to perform extensive, high-cost renovations was the principal focus of this project,” said project manager for All Noise Control. “The ANC-3000 Acoustical Wall and Ceiling Panels injected new life into an area of the church that thrives on community engagement and lively conversation. We’re thrilled the ANC-3000 performed like we knew it would while also providing the end result of reducing reverberation time within the space.”

About ANC, All Noise Control has been a leading manufacturer of acoustical noise control products offering the widest product selection in the soundproofing industry with innovative solutions and outstanding customer service. Our engineered noise control solutions provide noise control solutions for plant managers to solve their industrial noise control problems.  For more information, please visit or call (561) 964-9360.

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