Acoustical Ceiling Panels

Acoustical Ceiling PanelsAcoustical ceiling panels helps churches and worship facilities to lower noise and to elimanate echoes.

Acoustical Ceiling Panels is our standard sound absorbing panels that is perfect for most applications.

Acoustical Ceiling Panels ANC-4000 panel is available in 1″ and 2″ thickness with sizes up to a maximum of 4′ x 10′.

Acoustical Ceiling Panels Details:

Ceiling Panel Substrate: 6-7# PCF rigid fiberglass core with optional chemically hardened edges. Ceiling Panel Mounting: WZ clips.

Acoustical Ceiling Panel Finishes:

Guilford of Maine FR 701 Style 2100 is standard
Designer and customer specified fabrics are available

Acoustical Ceiling Panel NRC Ratings

1″ : .80 – .90
2″ : 1.05 – 1.15

Acoustical Ceiling Panel Edge Details: Square, Bevel, Radius, Miter

Acoustical Ceiling Panel ANC-3000 Installation Instructions

The ANC-3000 panel can be installed on walls or ceiling using mechanical clips, adhesive or hook & loop. Consult with factory for best-suited mounting for your application.

View Acoustical Ceiling Panel Color Chart

Acoustical Ceiling Panels Physical Properties

  • Colors : 48 polyester fabric Guilford colors
  • Size: Custom cut thru 4’x 10′
  • Thickness: 1/2″, 3/4″, 1″, 1 &frac12 & 2″
  • Density: 7 pounds per cubic foot
  • Fire Rating : ASTM E 84 Class A approved
  • Smoke Density: 22.75
  • Breaking Strength: 150 lb/in.
  • Density: 2 lb/ft
  • Temperature Limits: -20OF to 180OF
1″ Thick .11 .30 .77 1.02 1.00 1.00 .85
2″ Thick .46 1.00 1.07 1.05 1.10 1.18 1.15

Acoustic Ceiling Panels Case Studies

Family Life Church in Wymoning Quiets Sanctuary.

A common problem in churches and large rooms is echo and reverberation. While space is a factor in diminishing noise, in architectural rooms such as churches and those simlair, the room construction promotes echo and reverberation and sustains noise and speech longer than typical. All Noise Control suggested it’s populer acoustic wall panel the ANC-3000 product.

While the Anc-3000 Wall panel is our standard noise absorption panel, its a perfect retrofit for virtually any application that is not in the path of high abuse areas. The rigid fiberglass fabric wrapped panel can be use aesthetically to absorb sound and signficantly reduce and shorten the echo in rooms with substantial volume. Besides the selection of Guilford of Main colors, designer and customer specificed fabrics are available for ordering.

Once the panels were easily fixed to the wall with simple hardware (impaling flips, mechanical clips, adhesives or hook and loop are available), Family Life Church received instant benefits. The echo problem was solved and speech was easier to understand.

Sanctuary of Central Christian Church receives an aesthetic boost and improved sound quality….

Central Christian church reached out to All Noise Control to correct the echo problem in the sanctuary of the church. All Noise Control suggested ANC-3000 wall panels. Wall panels are composed of a high density fiberglass core, wrapped in Guilford of Maine fabric which is available in 48 colors.

ANC wall panels provide an excellent acoustical solution with NRC ratings from .85 to .95. Their clean and professional look leads them easily into a variety of house of worship, corporate and government settings. The size and quantity of the wall panels are determined for a room by its dimensions. The panels are available is 11 standard sizes as well as custom sizing is available.

Once installed, the wall panels cut the sound reverberation in the room by half, from 4 seconds down to 2 seconds! Both the church staff and members were very pleased by the new sound quality in the sanctuary and the enhanced look provided by the ANC-3000 wall panels. With some creative ideas and All Noise Control Wall Panels, the finished look is quite pleasing.

Acoustic Applications

  • Sanctuaries
  • Gymnasiums
  • Radio & TV Stations
  • Recording Booths
  • Music & Band Rooms
  • Fellowship Halls
  • Surround Sound
  • Telemarketing Stations
  • Conference Room